William (Bill) Spencer Award

This award was dedicated to the memory of the late William (Bill) Spencer in 2014 who was a life member, past president and dedicated over 50 years of dedicated volunteer service to the Kelmscott Agricultural Society.

Volunteer NameYear

Awarded For

Lorraine Usher


Lorraine has assisted in the Exhibition Hall for many, many years, and now works as second in charge to Betty in the Needlework Section. Lorraine made herself available when Betty was not well. She works quietly in the background, helping out wherever required. During Show week, Lorraine comes to the Office to assist in receiving the Quilts on the Monday (Quilt arrival day ) but in between quilt duties she helps with catering for the grounds volunteers, making sandwiches, washing up and being very useful. She does the same thing every day, keeping an eye out for any job that needs doing. Lorraine is very deserving of this award.

Samantha Carey


Samantha is the Secretary of the Kelmscott Tennis Club and has been of invaluable assistance to me of the years I have been Secretary. She has always been there to help out, she keeps the well-being of the Kelmscott Agricultural Society in mind in all of the KTC dealings and around the Community. She goes out of her way to help us, e.g. this year she is doing our catering on Show Wednesday as a personal favour to us, not as a part of the KTC contribution. Always approachable and cheerful. A worthy recipient of the William B Spencer Award.

Raewynne James


Raewynne has been volunteering for KAS for over 20 years. She began in the Poultry Pavilion doing the paperwork and prize cards for the Steward. For many years she has assisted the Treasurer during the Show by preparing the payout envelopes, sorting the money and making the prize payouts. She is also on the showgrounds with the SES when not in the payout office.

Maurice Buckingham


Maurice has been volunteering at the Show for over 20 years and has assisted in many areas including the Exhibition Hall, lower and upper oval. Tasks included setting up livestock yards, hanging banners, erecting barricades, installing star picket perimeter fencing, ground marking, distributing rubbish bins and assisting with setting up hall for exhibits. Maurice has always been happy to assist anywhere that is required with a smile.

Rae Carrigg


Rae has volunteered at the Kelmscott Show for more than 27 years, she began in the typing pool in the days of heavy manual typewriters, she has gone on to be a stalwart in the Exhibition Hall every year, working tirelessly for the whole week prior to the show as well as during the show. Rae has always available and helpful and no task has been beyond her. She is very deserving of this award.

Rob & Pamela Halliday


Pamela coordinates the Schools displays and liaises with schools in the local district. The Schools pavilion is a much loved destination of local school children and their families, keen to see the lovely display of the children’s work.

Rob assists at the Show and year round he cares for our grounds, spending tireless hours mowing the societies properties in River road.  

Theda Dunsmore


Theda retired as the Steward in Charge of the Photography Section in 2015 after over 12 years of Service. In her time as Steward in Charge, Theda spent many hours ensuring that the Photography section was relevant and shared her vast knowledge to assist exhibitors to present their work in a professional manner. Without volunteers like Theda, we could not put on this event.

Norm Wise


The first winner of the Bill Spencer Award was Norm Wise who has volunteered for over 25 years in the Flower pavilion. Norm is typical of the dedicated volunteers who turn up every year that we rely on to stage this community event.