Life Membership

The Kelmscott Agricultural Society can bestow the honour of becoming a life member to those people who have provided 10 years of exemplary service to the society.  The nominations are voted on by the Councillors of the society and awarded at the Annual General Meeting.

The life members board displayed in the KAS Office was presented by Carol & Bill Spencer.
Councillor NameYear
Mr Timothy Choules2023
Mr Vaughan James2022
Mrs Yvonne Busquets2013
Mrs M. Moore2012
Ms J. Trneny2012
Mr A. Mucciarone2011
Mr R. Ierace2011
Ms E. Laurie2009
Mrs B. Buckingham2008
Mr R. Kitson 2006
Mr G. Stevens2004
Mr R DeRuiter2004
Mrs C. Von Pirch2003
Mr F. Tubby2002
Mr C. Langford2000
Mr R. Easton1998
Mrs E. Lightbody1997
Mr D. Daw1997
Mr H. Pearce1997
Mrs C. Spencer1996
Mrs L. Moore1996
Mrs J. Gardner1996
Mr V. James1996
Mrs M. Verwey1995
Mrs O. Easton1995
Mrs L. Choules1995
Mrs F. Betjeman1995
Mr E.C. Rushton1990
Miss M.H. Roberts1985
Mr W.G. Betjeman1984
Mr W. Lucas1983
Mrs D. Smith1982
Mr W.E. Holben1981
Mr K.G. Mutton1980
Mr W.J. Spencer1979
Mr J.R. Williamson1978
Mr M.J. Rose1977
Mr D.D. Frye1976
Mr A.B. Flinn1975
Mrs N.A. Gawthorpe1974
Mr C.M. Griffiths1969
Mrs G. Mutton1962
Mr W.J. Bennett1961
Mr H. Larke1959
Mr W.A. Tumber1958
Miss B. Buckingham1957
Mr A. Armstrong1956
Mrs K.M.E Pries1955
Mr J.A. Buckingham1954
Mr J. Arnott1951
Mr E.H. Brown1950
Mr B.V. Cross1948
Mr G.L. Edwards1946
Mr H. Fancote 1946
Mr S.L. Roberts1946
Mr W. McCallum1946
Mc C. McLean1927
Mr F.W. Bickford1927
Mr F.C. Atherton1927
Mr H. McCallum1927
Mr J.L. Lockyer1927